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Who We Are

Spark Speech offers family-centered, home-based speech services for pediatric and school-aged children in the Lower Fairfield County and Lower Westchester region.


We take great pride in our team of highly educated and experienced therapists. Endorsed with Master’s degrees, state licenses, ASHA certifications and further recognizable achievements, our therapists are supported by a robust network of trusted advisors and specialists who bring extensive expertise across various therapy domains.

Who we are
Mission & Vision


Our mission is to help children become confident communicators while building a foundation for self-advocacy.


Our vision is to close the communication gap among children, their families, and therapists, fostering a collaborative learning environment that leads to lasting, meaningful impacts throughout their lives.

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Core Values

Core Values

We invite you to discover the fundamental principles that set Spark Speech apart:

  1. Parent Engagement and Empowerment: We empower families to play integral roles in their child's intervention, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence they need to be active participants.

  2. Flexibility and Convenience: Our flexible approach makes scheduling sessions effortless and accommodating to your needs.

  3. Compassion and Innovative Approaches: We foster a caring atmosphere while incorporating forward-thinking methods to create an engaging learning environment.

  4. Transparency and Expertise: We offer transparent insights into speech sessions, treatment plans, and projected progress, providing parents with a clear understanding of their child's developmental milestones.

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