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Who We Are

Spark Speech provides family-centered, home-based speech services to pediatric and school-aged children throughout Lower Fairfield County and the Lower Westchester area. 


We are proud to have a very strong team of experienced and highly educated therapists! Endorsed with Master’s degrees, state licenses, ASHA certifications and further recognizable achievements, our therapists are supported by a network of trusted advisors and specialists who add countless years of experience in many scopes of therapy.

Who we are
Mission & Vision


Our mission is to help children become confident communicators while building a foundation for self-advocacy.


Our vision is to bridge the communication gap between children, their families and therapists to create a collaborative learning environment leading to enriching, life-long impacts. 

Image by Max Di Capua
Core Values

Core Values

We invite you to explore the core values that make Spark Speech unique:

  • Parent collaboration and education: to train families to become integral parts of the child's intervention while boosting their confidence 

  • Flexibility and adaptability: to make scheduling sessions easy and convenient

  • Compassion and innovation: to create a safe and exciting learning space

  • Transparency and professionalism: to give parents full insight into speech sessions, treatment plans and forecasted progress in reaching their milestones

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