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Why Should I Choose Spark Speech?

Establishing rapport early on between the child, the family and the speech therapist is vital for a successful therapy experience.

A child's relationship with their therapist is of paramount importance. Our speech sessions are designed to be fun, engaging and rewarding, which translate into greater progress for your little one.

We incorporate movement and sensory-based activities as research shows that communication and physical activity are directly related! Our movement-based sessions assist in improving a child's attention, building neural connections to promote faster learning and by helping foster speech and language development. Children love to move just as much as they need to move! Our team is experienced and prepared to help them learn while having fun.

We understand that every child's speech journey is different, and so are their learning styles! For this reason, a individualized therapy plan ensures that your child will be receiving the best suited care. 

We are proud to have a very strong team of experienced and highly educated therapists! Endorsed with Master’s degrees, state licenses, ASHA certifications and further recognizable achievements, our therapists are supported by a network of trusted advisors and specialists who add countless years of experience in many scopes of therapy.

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